About us
About us
Czech Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association (SVDSZ) has been established in the year 1991 like a result of an effort of push ahead the collective requirements of czech producers of woodworking machines, equipments and tools towards the State Authorities and for the development of their commercial and production possibilities. SVDSZ associate the 16 czech companies and The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in Brno. Members have in their production programme the variety of woodworking machines, accessories, tools not only for equipping either small and middle joinery shops or big massiv wood processing companies, but they can also offer and deliver the complete technological complexes. According to the technologies, the members associated in the SVDSZ are able to deliver the woodworking machines for sawmills equipment, for dry kilns, building-joinery production and for the furniture, windows and doors production etc.
The main activities of SVDSZ are the activities linked with the pushing ahead of common interests of SVDSZ members, with the organization of exhibitions and fairs in Czech Republic and abroad, with mediating services in the field of basic foreign cooperation relations and informative service in the field of production programmes and marketing. With the help of The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in Brno we organize the special educational programmes and specialized studios.
We consider like very important activity our close cooperation with EUMABOIS - the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufactures, where our association SVDSZ is also a member. EUMABOIS associates 13 National Associations representing the european Woodworking Machinery Manufactures and there is about 700 companies. More informations you can see at www.eumabois.com
The main objective of EUMABOIS is to protect the interests of european woodworking machinery manufactures, support the mutual activities between the Members of National Associations and reach the best conditions and discounts for their members on the participations in the Woodworking Fairs and Exhibitions Worldwide. The big result of the mutual support and cooperation of SVDSZ with EUMABOIS was the co-organization of WOOD-TEC woodworking fair in Brno, where we reached for our members a very good and favourable prices for exhibiton area in comparison with current prices of Brno Fairs and Exhibition company. The very good support for our members was also at LIGNA Hannover Fair this year.
Czech Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association - SVDSZ is an open and voluntary organization with symbolic member fees. The list of members you can see at our websites : woodworking.cz/members Actually the negotiations are in progress with another czech companies about their possible entry to our SVDSZ Association.
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TOS Svitavy, a.s. dřevoobráběcí stroje, sklíčidla

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